Q: Does this game have DLC? It says so on the Oculus Store page.

A: This is because the pre-order bonus is a free DLC that you get when you purchase the game. The game does not have any in-app purchases and we don't have plans to implement any at the moment.

Q: Does this game support multiplayer?

A: No, not right now, but this is high on the list of things to work on post launch.

Q: What are your plans post launch?

A: We have a several ideas for new game modes we would like to add. The first thing we will do though is listen to user feedback and address any bugs or balance issues in the game as it stands now. After that we could either add more game modes (such as a strategy mode where you have to conquer and hold different star systems, an 'endless' mode that has fully procedurally generated missions, or multiplayer (for which we are currently thinking about a more traditional RTS setup where you have to gather resources and build ships as well as manage combat). The most requested feature so far (pre-release) has been Multiplayer.

Q: If I preorder does that mean I won't be able to refund the game (due to the 15 day return policy)?

A: No, your purchase goes through on launch day not when you pre-order it. It does not count against the return policy.

Q: How long is the game?

A: Currently I would say around 6 hours depending on how many times you die (there is permadeath). The game includes 28 missions with some randomness per mission, easy/medium/hard difficulty levels, and a second flagship you can unlock after you win the game. Each flagship also features 3 different unlockable loadouts, and there is a Skirmish mode (not multiplayer) that allows you to pick any ships from the game to battle it out.

Q: What even is the pre-order bonus?

A: The preorder bonus allows you to start the game with the Fusion Blast as your flagship's special weapon, instead of the Fusion Beam. The Fusion Blast can knock ships around and does instant damage, wheras the Fusion Beam does damage over time and causes a debuff. You still keep the regular starting loadout as well. Other unlockable loadouts are available.